Press visit IMM Cologne 2017

Last week I was invited to join the press day for the Dutch bloggers at IMM Cologne. It was my first time at the fair and hopefully not the last. I have met a lot of inspiring people and had some nice talks with persons I had met before.

Although the fair was huge, the atmosphere was very friendly and well organized.
Sabine Spierenburg, PR consultant from the Netherlands gave me a nice welcome and tour through the halls. Sabine works for different interior and design brands at the Spierenburg studio.

I had the pleasure to learn more about the brands Thonet and String. Thonet is a German furniture brand with a long history that goes back to the 18th century. The Thonet Chair is a real classic one with the famous tubular frame. They are still working with their old designs but they also developed a new line with a young and fresh image.

I really felt for the Thonet secretaire S1200, this great multifunctional desk has the familiair steel frame which gives it a strong and unique look. The solidness together with the beautiful lines makes it a very nice item for the bed or studyroom.

Image: Thonet

Thonet IMM Cologne 2017, by Scandifan.


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