Photo Exhibition Trapholt Museum


My picture is used in an exhibition for the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design. Trapholt is one of the largest and leading design museums in Denmark. The exhibition is called “Instant Icon” and shows how furniture today is presented in different contexts. The exhibition showcase 10 different chairs including the HEE Lounge Chair.

I made the picture two years ago in the historic dry dock of another Danish Museum: the Maritime Museum in Helsingør. A magical place with so much abstract and power. I took one chair from the Museum Cafe and placed it in the middle of the concrete space. A clean graphic item surrounded with hard rough materials. I loved it immediately.

Last December I went to see the Trapholt Museum and the photo of course. It was so strange to read my name in front of the exhibition room. Almost a bigger surprise was the book they made about the Iconic Chairs and that I am in it!










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