MUUTO collaboration


So happy to show you the result of my collaboration with Danish interior brand MUUTO about the STACKED shelves. My pictures are used by MUUTO for the campaign Living with Stacked. It was such a pleasure to work with one of my favorite brands and design objects.

STACKED is such a great though simple design, with so many opportunities and styling possibilities. I can’t get enough of making a new setting with another feeling. It is a must have for every interior lover with a need of variety, like me.


I made this fresh Cool Blue version of Stacked with different sizes and colors of the shelves. Mixed with some other fine Muuto products like the Leaf lamp, Bulky milk jug and the Restore basket.



I called this one Earth because of the green and ceramic touch. I like to use different kind of materials for a pure picture feeling.

STACKED Soft Balance


This one is named Soft Balance. The Muuto Balance vases are having a prominent place is this picture. The simplicity and shape of the vases gets me every time. Don’t need much more, only some few lines and soft colors.

What do you think?


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