Woud Coupé Shelf

This black metal beauty is on my wall for some months now. When I normally change often, this shelf is so constructive and strong in my living room, I won’t remove it. Of course I do change the inside. The Coupé Shelf is created by Poiat, a design studio from Helsinki and made for Danish interior brand WOUD.

WOUD Coupe Shelf

Urban version with the Kinfolk magazine and some Muuto Corky glasses. I really like brass things, this is a nice cup from Ferm Living. It gives so much warmth and elegance to your home.

The big Monstera was a present from my man, he always likes to buy new greenies. He is also taking care of them, I only kill plants. Even a cactus isn’t safe in my place.

The stool is used in the Applicata project and is a good object to show nice stuff on a higher level.


At the top and on the table the ceramic Hinken Flowerpots, also from Woud. The glass bowl is a little vase called the mini Globe from Aytmdesign. I found this cute one last summer in the Mant shop in Copenhagen, Læderstræde 30. A must go when you visit this city.

Blanket, table and chair from HAY.




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